The Updated, Expanded High Intensity Workouts

Most of the questions I get from clients and readers have to do with program design. Which exercises are the best for certain muscle groups? Should you train the whole body every workout, or divide it up between workouts, and if so, how? What volume and frequency is best? Do you need to vary your workouts, and if so, how much, and how often? What order should you perform exercises in for best results? Should you change the order, and if so, how? What about using advanced repetition methods and techniques like pre-exhaustion, rest-pause, negative-only, forced reps, forced negatives, drop sets? What about isometric protocols like static holds and timed static contractions? And the list goes on and on and on.

After almost thirty years of working out and twenty years spent training hundreds of people, experimenting, and learning from some of the most brilliant people in the field of exercise I’ve learned the answer to almost every single one of these questions. Just two words:

“It depends.”

The principles are the same for everyone, but how you should apply them depends on your goals, yourbody’s response to exercise, and influencing factors in your life. I could write a book with a bunch of workouts, and if you followed those workouts you’d get good results, but you don’t read web sites like mine because you want “good” results. You want the best possible results. So I didn’t just write a book with a bunch of workouts, I wrote a book that teaches you the principles for constructing your own, and included a variety of workouts as examples of these principles, as starting points to be altered and adjusted based on your goals, your response to exercise, and to fit your life.

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High Intensity Workouts - Over 100 High Intensity Training Workouts and Guidelines for Performance

Have a question about high intensity training workout design you’d like to see answered in the book? Chances are, I’ve already addressed it, but if you post it in the comments below before tomorrow night and it isn’t already covered in the book I’ll make sure it is!

Feedback on the first edition of High Intensity Workouts:

“Great book, great workouts! I’m a little hesitant with ebooks, because most of the ones I’ve ordered are a total ripoff (little content, way over-priced). This one is by far the best I’ve seen. These workouts will keep my training fresh for many many months/years. Thanks!”

– Brian

“Got the e-book and upon first glance Drew, it looks fantastic. I doubt too many people will appreciate what they received. They will only see the routines and hopefully will be thankful and apply them successfully. I see the years of reading and research that had to precede the compilation of those routines and for that I am thankful.”

– Bryan Frederick

“I would definitely give “High Intensity Workouts” a thumbs up. Inexperienced lifters will find this book to be an informative roadmap for their training, and experienced lifters can use it as checklist or motivation.”

– Jim Mardis

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