Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner – Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior recently recorded a round table on high intensity training with Ryan Hall, Skyler Tanner, and me which they released in two parts. In part one we discuss Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones’ contributions to the field of exercise, determining optimal workout frequency, promoting general health, and how much of what we “geek out on” […]

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Q&A: High Intensity Training for Strength vs Size vs Power

Question: I’m interested in trying your high intensity training program and have a few questions. What repetition range should I use if I want to focus on strength without getting too much bigger? What are the best exercises to improve punching power? Shouldn’t I perform my reps explosively to increase power? Answer: How much muscle mass you gain relative to […]

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Q&A: Combining Kettlebells With High Intensity Training?

Kettlebell swing

Question:  I’ve read Project Kratos and it’s well written with photo, progression, workout, etc., everything I need  but I have a question: I want to work on my power and speed with kettlebells. How can I do the two together, kettlebells and high intensity training? Answer: The stronger you are the more force your muscles can produce the faster […]

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Exercises, Equipment Modes and Rep Duration: The Question of Superiority

I just received the following article from Ken Mannie, head strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State University, with permission to post it here. Exercises, Equipment Modes and Rep Duration: The Question of Superiority by Ken Mannie The training landscape is in a state of continual flux, and the ongoing changes, updates, and emergence of […]

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Modified CrossFit Routines

Since the original CrossFit post I’ve received several requests for CrossFit routines modified to be more consistent with high intensity training principles. The difference between these and more bodybuilding-oriented HIT routines is a greater emphasis on metabolic conditioning and incorporation of more bodyweight and gymnastic exercises like chin ups and parallel bar dips. While there may […]

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