Q&A: What Are The Most Important Pieces of Exercise Equipment?

High Intensity Training Workout Charts

Question: What are the most important pieces of exercise equipment someone should have in their gym? Answer: A clipboard and pencil; every other piece of equipment is interchangeable with something else or expendable. There is no single piece of exercise equipment that is more important or more effective than any other in the long run for getting […]

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Equipping Your New Personal Training Studio

How you train is far more important than the equipment you use. Proper training with very limited or basic equipment will produce better results, more quickly, more efficiently, and more safely than training incorrectly on the best equipment in the world. There is no specific piece of exercise equipment you must have, no specific exercises you must teach your […]

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Results Versus Time

If exercise is performed with a sufficiently high level of effort very little volume is required to stimulate the maximum possible improvements in fitness and functional ability. Although the optimum training volume varies between individuals based on genetics and other factors, on average it is far below what most people believe is necessary and what […]

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