Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner – Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior recently recorded a round table on high intensity training with Ryan Hall, Skyler Tanner, and me which they released in two parts. In part one we discuss Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones’ contributions to the field of exercise, determining optimal workout frequency, promoting general health, and how much of what we “geek out on” […]

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High Intensity Training Or High Density Training?

High Intensity Training (HIT)  is progressive resistance exercise performed with high level of effort. High Density Training (HDT) is progressive resistance exercise performed with a high work to rest ratio. Although it is possible to perform HIT without performing HDT by allowing a long rest between exercises, most HIT methods are HDT and are performed with little to no rest […]

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Don’t Confuse The Force-Velocity Curve With Newton’s Second Law

I recently received a barrage of messages from someone questioning statements I made in my article on the force-velocity curve. He claims I do not understand basic physical principles because he confuses the force-velocity curve with Newton’s second law of motion, which are completely different things. He then builds on his confusion of this in an attempt to make […]

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