Project: Kratos Bodyweight High Intensity Training

Project Kratos Bodyweight High Intensity Training by Drew Baye

¨The Ultimate Bodyweight High Intensity Training Guide¨

At Last!… a Proven Bodyweight High Intensity Training Program Which Stimulates Maximum Muscle Growth in Just 30 Minutes… Two or Three Times a Week… So YOU Can Finally Reach Your Genetic Potential in Strength and Size

¨I’ve had several people relate to me that they can hardly believe how strong they feel and would have never believed such a thing possible without weights.”

Steve Maxwell, Fitness Trainer of Professional Athletes in the NBA, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and Competitive Martial Artists

If you’re like most people, you probably think you need to lift weights to build the most muscle and strength.

However, until now, you may not have realized your bodyweight gives you everything you need to get all the benefits of high intensity training.

Unfortunately, most bodyweight programs available today are full of false and conflicting advice… they tell you to exercise for up to an hour at a time, sometimes daily, with poor exercises selections which don’t effectively target your muscles.

The poor exercises selections, along with the reps, volume and frequency they tell you to do, mean you’re unable to properly stimulate muscle growth.

Don’t Be Fooled Any Longer!

They never live up to the hype and are usually promoted by so-called gurus who are juiced up and talking complete B.S. They take your hard-earned cash and fool you by making you think you can look like them, when the physiques they have are more often the result of their genetics and steroid use than the workouts they preach.

What’s worse, they often involve unnatural movements which strain your joints, causing acute injuries which can linger for years. This wear and tear of the joints also speeds up the aging process and even puts you at risk of illness and disease.

This means they fail to give you the results they promise and you never reach your genetic potential in size and strength. So you can spend months, even years, doing ineffective, hazardous workouts which use up a lot of your time yet don’t give you half the results you should get for all your effort.

Ancient warriors like the Spartans used bodyweight exercises to get fit for battle. And even to this day, militaries around the world have bodyweight exercises like pull-ups as part of their fitness regimes.

However, if you believe the B.S. online, or even in popular bodyweight workout books, a warrior is the last thing you’re going to look or feel like.

 It’s for this reason I’ve created Project Kratos.

Named after the Greek god of strength and power, it’s a bodyweight high intensity training program designed to maximize your full-body strength, conditioning, and body composition, safely and efficiently.

At Last!… YOU Can Reach Your Genetic Potential in Strength and Size!

This means you can finally stimulate maximum muscle growth and reach your genetic potential in strength and size, with little or no equipment in just 30 minutes a day, two or three times a week.

It’s made up of a series of workouts involving exercises with natural and easy to perform body movements… so you won’t put any unnecessary strain on your ligaments and joints…

Yet they stimulate maximum muscle growth which gives you the optimal strength and size your body allows. So, whatever your genetic potential is, this workout guide will help you reach it quicker than any other bodyweight exercise program on the market today.

I’ve been doing HIT bodyweight workouts with my clients for several years. During this time, I’ve refined and perfected the exercises, movements and routines to get them phenomenal results – enhanced strength, improved flexibility and maximum muscle growth.

In this guide you can take advantage of everything I’ve learned, as I’ll reveal to you exactly which exercises to do and how to do them to reach your genetic potential in strength and muscle growth.

And, often times, you’d be surprised by what your true genetic potential is as they stimulate real muscle strength and growth for the first time.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or are more advanced, this guide will run you through everything you need to know.

This means when you want to finally reach the realms of what’s possible and see what your genetic potential for maximum muscle strength and size looks like, it’ll help you achieve it in the fastest and safest way.

What Project Kratos Will Do for YOU

I’ve improved upon and refined all my workouts over the years with the thirty to forty thousand workouts I’ve overseen with the clients I’ve worked with.

This mean you can take advantage of everything I’ve learned with a proven system for building strength and muscle using only your bodyweight.

Here’s a quick summary of just a few of the things which I’ll reveal to you in Project Kratos:

  • Discover how to do a complete HIT workout with minimal space, anywhere, any time without paying expensive gym membership fees. Even if you travel often, don’t have access to equipment or simply want to workout at home away from the sometimes unpleasant atmosphere of crowded gyms. You can even get a workout in while at the beach.
  • What to do to get the most muscle mass and strength in the quickest time possible. Many of the other workout guides on the market today tell you to train excessively yet fail to give you the results they promise. I’ll reveal to you simple exercise routines you can do in 30 minutes, just two or three times a week, yet will give you better results than the so-called gurus ever will.
  • How to get as ripped as your genetics can possibly allow you. Each exercise stimulates maximum muscle growth and size. So, you’ll reach your genetic potential and have bigger, stronger and more defined muscles… from using only your bodyweight.
  • Two simple techniques to mimic the effect of adding or reducing weight. Most people worry bodyweight exercises will limit how much muscle mass they can build. These two simple, yet effective, techniques help you to easily overcome this as they give the same effect as adding or lowering weight in the gym. So you can progress easily and safely no matter what your current level is.
  • Stops accelerating the aging process. Most of the workout guides available today involve unnatural body movements, which cause wear and tear on your body and speed up the aging process. I’ll show you how to prevent this, so you can slow down the aging process and safeguard yourself from the potential illnesses and diseases which inefficient exercise can cause later in life.
  • How to increase your muscle mass in the fastest way possible no matter what your current level is. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, each of the workouts will stimulate muscle growth, to build strength and size… so you can get the most muscle mass in the quickest time possible.
  • How to get the most aesthetically pleasing results for your body type. Unless you’re building muscle in a balanced way, you won’t get the physique you want and will have an imbalanced look. I’ll show you how to avoid this by doing what the pros do.
  • What to do to get a more effective cardiovascular workout than running or jogging. The workouts won’t just stimulate maximum muscle growth, done correctly, they’ll also work your heart and lungs to give you superior cardiovascular conditioning.
  • How to build muscle and enhance flexibility at the same time. The exercises work the entire muscles, increasing flexibility and improving blood flow – which means you’ll be more agile in your day to day life and less prone to acute injuries, aches and pains.
  • What to do to eliminate your risk of injury. Detailed instructions mean you can build maximum muscle and strength in the safest way possible without causing any potential damage to your muscles, ligaments or joints.
  • How you can train effectively with a partner or in small groups. I’ll reveal how, even if you’ve different strength levels to your training partners, you can still all have an effective workout. This means you can all get the benefits of HIT while enjoying the moral boost of exercising together.
  • Stop making diet mistakes which take away your gains. I’ll show you what to eat to improve your health, fitness, and lose fat, even if you’re already lean. This means you’ll have a diet which will boost muscle growth and help you reach your genetic potential for size and strength in the fastest time possible.
  • Discover what supplements, vitamins and minerals to take for optimal muscle growth. Don’t fall for all the marketing B.S. out there. I’ll show you which supplements actually work.
  • How to lose fat and not muscle. If not done right, when trying to lose weight you can also lose hard-earned muscle mass. I’ll show you how you can lose fat if you want more muscle definition without losing muscle or feeling run down or fatigued.

The Workouts

I can’t promise you’ll have the body of a Greek god as, apart from factors like the correct intensity, form, exercise selection and proper recovery time, your genetics dictate most of your results.

However, when you start stimulating optimal muscle growth, which will allow you to see your true genetic strength and size for the first ever time, you’d be forgiven for feeling like one.

I’ve named each of the workouts after an appropriate Greek god, goddess, or mythological figure.
Let me run through each of them for you…

Kratos – the Greek God of Strength and Power

This is the workout I personally do the most often. It’s gotten great results for my clients and is what I usually start them with for 6 to 8 weeks before moving onto other workouts. However, it can be used by all levels to get great results.

It strengthens your body and gives you a great foundation for doing more complex bodyweight exercises. It’s easy to do as all you’ll need is a chin-up bar, a row-bar, a step for heel raises, and a rolled-up mat or towel for neck exercises.

Zelus – Kratos Brother and the Greek God of Rivalry

After you’ve been training with Kratos for a few weeks, you can move on to the Zeus workout. Or if you want more variety of movement, you can alternate between the two.

This workout is more slightly difficult than Kratos, and so, is a more advanced workout. It’ll work your muscles harder for more growth and improve your balance and coordination muscles as the exercises are harder to do.
Like Kratos, all you’ll need is a pull-up bar, a row-bar, a stable elevated surface or padded bar for your legs for half-handstand push-ups, and I recommend a mat for the hip and leg raises.

Cerberus – the Three Headed Dog Who Guarded the Gates to the Underworld

This workout is ideal if you like working out with a partner or in a group. This is a three-by-three (3×3) workout which consists of a circuit of three exercises repeated three times, non-stop. You can rotate exercises every 90 seconds as go through it all to get a great workout.

Heracles – a Greek Hero Who Was Known for His Extraordinary Strength

This is a variant of Ceberus which replaces the compound movements in the third circuit with simple ones directly targeting the arms and calves.

The equipment you need to perform this workout are basic and inexpensive. You’ll need a high bar for chin-ups, a low bar for rows and inverted curls, parallel bars or handles for dips, and a step for heel raises.

Body Part Specialization Exercises

It’s common for some of your muscle groups to not be as strong as or in proportion with the rest of your body. This workout will keep you in proportion and give you a physique which is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike the usual body part workouts in split routines which only include exercises for specific muscle groups or body areas, this is a full-body workout which prioritizes specific muscle groups or body parts for the best results.

The body part specialization workout includes:
· Ares (Arms and Shoulders)
· Zeus (Chest and Back)
· Hermes (Legs)
· Bia (Glutes and Thighs)
· Adonis (Abs and Obliques)

Throughout the last 15 years, these workouts have helped my clients, whether competitive athletes or people who want to get fit, to get the physiques and level of fitness they’ve wanted.

All the workouts are based on a proven system for you to progress and improve on a consistent basis, so you can reach the highest level in strength, size and fitness which your genes allow.

Grip and Forearm Exercises

You’ll already be working your grip strength and forearm muscles in each workout. However, I know a lot of you like to separately target your forearms, so I’ve included three types of ways you can specifically target this muscle group for maximum growth, using just your bodyweight.

What Renowned Athletes, Coaches and Fitness Enthusiasts Are Saying about Project Kratos

To Say I’m Impressed Would Be an Understatement

“Drew’s latest work, Project: Kratos – named for the Greek god of strength and power – is a bodyweight high intensity training program designed to maximize full-body strength, conditioning, and body composition.

With safety, efficiency and little or no equipment as a basis for his book, Drew worked to develop a program that goes beyond the average application most people are accustomed to.

Those of you who are familiar with Drew’s writings, videos and other projects know how thorough he is in his research and the manner in which he conveys every nuance.

Trust me when I tell you, no stone goes unturned in Kratos and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement.”

Fred Fornicola B.A., owner of Fit By Fred in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Fitness professional, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, fitness consultant, and lifestyle fitness coach, and published author.

Would Have Never Believed Such a Thing Possible Without Weights

“I have placed a number of guys on the program with some of my own variations. All of my clients have had great success.

I’ve had several people relate to me that they can hardly believe how strong they feel and would have never believed such a thing possible without weights.”

Steve Maxwell, fitness trainer of professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, and NFL, the DEA, Secret Service, and FBI, and former Senior World and Pan American Jiu Jitsu Champion

“Baye applies sane, sensible guidelines and his exercise selections are all good ones.”

Ellington Darden, PhD., Competitive bodybuilder, fitness expert, and former director of research for Nautilus Sports-Medical Industries.

A HIT Bodyweight Guide Proven to Build YOU Maximum Muscle and Strength

Before I tell you how to get Project Kratos, let me remind you of something important…

The workouts and exercises along with the diet and nutritional advice contained in this e-book are proven to work. They’ve worked for me and countless of my clients who I‘ve both worked with and who’ve also used the workouts for themselves.

It’s helped them to finally build the strength and muscle mass which other methods couldn’t. This means it’s helped them to get the edge over other athletes in competitive sports, see gains they’ve never had before and to get physiques which make them look their best.

And once you follow the guidelines, it’ll do the same for YOU too.

Let me reveal to you how you can finally witness the true physique your genetics allow without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

You can download the e-book immediately for $29.95. Simple chose the e-book option from the dropdown box below and I’ll send it to you right away.

(Note: Please check your spam folder to make sure it’s delivered properly.)

Alternatively, if you like to read with a book in your hand, you can get Project Kratos in both paperback and e-book form for just $36.95. (Plus $5 shipping to the US and Canada or $10 internationally). All shipping is via USPS First Class or First Class International Mail.

You can download and start reading the e-book immediately and get the paperback version shipped to you by choosing the e-book and print option from the dropdown box below. You’ll then get an email telling you when it’s shipped (this usually takes one or two days).

Choose which option you want from the dropdown menu below and you can start reading Project Kratos today.





Train smart!


PS. This is your unique opportunity to discover the same bodyweight exercises and routines I’ve been teaching my students for several years.

Let me reveal to you what I’ve learned during this time. So, you too can correctly apply HIT principles to working out using your bodyweight and get the maximum strength, muscle mass and ripped physique your body’s genetics can give you.

PSS. Let me remind you of some of the benefits Project Kratos will give you:

  • Unlike other bodyweight guides, it stimulates optimal muscle growth so you can reach your genetic potential in strength and size, without going to a gym. You can do the workouts at home, when traveling, even at the beach.
  • Shows you how to scale up resistance without using weights, to get even more gains.
  • It’s a proven, no nonsense way to build muscle using your bodyweight, which has gotten great results for my clients, many of whom are competitive athletes. And it can do the same for you.
  • Makes your muscles more flexible, so you can reach a higher level of performance at sports and be less prone to injuries.
  • Gives you a more effective cardiovascular workout than running, sprinting and other exercises people usually use to get fitter.
  • Shows you how to get all the benefits of HIT no matter what your current level is… you’ll still get results.
  • Avoid costly yet common diet mistakes by knowing what foods to eat, as well as what supplements to take.
  • How to get ripped by losing body fat and not muscle, so you can slim down and keep your hard-earned gains.

You can download and discover how you can get all these great benefits now. Simply choose the option you want from the dropdown menu below and you can start reading Project Kratos immediately.


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