This bullshit is NOT exercise

Post-Workout Rant: Stupid Exercise Videos

Every time I log on to social media I see videos of people performing all kinds of stupid “exercises” in what I can only assume is an attempt to appear innovative and differentiate themselves or simply for attention.

First, you can’t innovate if you don’t know what you’re doing to begin with. If these people actually understood exercise they wouldn’t be attempting to combine different exercises in ways that compromise their effectiveness and safety, wouldn’t be moving quickly, wouldn’t be on an unstable base, wouldn’t be attempting to mimic other activities with weights, etc.

The purpose of an exercise is to efficiently load the target muscles to create tension, fatigue, and microtrauma to stimulate improvements in strength and the other factors of functional ability, and a good exercise does this while minimizing the risk of overuse and acute injuries. If a movement does not provide relatively consistent, challenging resistance that is at least moderately well balanced to the strength curves of the targeted muscles, in a way that does not expose the involved tissues to potentially harmful levels of force, it is not a good exercise.

This bullshit is not exercise

Second, if you want to differentiate yourselves from the rest of the fitness industry you simply need to be competent. The vast majority of people in this field are not. Most of the people claiming to be experts don’t even really understand exercise or know what they’re doing beyond the most basic level.

You don’t have to invent and teach goofy shit. You don’t have to be the inventor or founder of something. You don’t have to have a gimmick. You just need to work hard to continuously improve your knowledge and understanding of exercise and your ability to effectively teach others about it and instruct them in performing it.

So called "functional patterns" is bullshit

Third, I don’t care if someone wants attention, but it pisses me off when people promote utterly stupid things as exercise for this purpose. The majority of people who see this nonsense don’t know any better and may decide to emulate it, wasting their time or risking injury. Feeding your ego is no justification for misleading people about something that can affect their long-term health. Besides, the few people out there who do know better just think you’re an idiot when they see this stuff.

Finally, if you record exercise videos with the camera pointed directly at your ass you are not a fitness educator, you are not a motivator, you are a bimbo.

Almost beyond stupid

This is not exercise instruction, it’s sexual signalling. You might as well stop pretending to be exercising and just stand in front of the camera moving your pelvis suggestively. You’d get just as much attention but you wouldn’t look like an idiot for trying to pass this nonsense off as exercise.


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