Lions sleeping - photograph by Michael Krom

Q&A: Sleep Deprivation and Fat Loss

Question: Is lack of sleep making it hard for me to lose fat? Answer: Consistent sleep deprivation is strongly correlated with weight gain and risk of obesity, probably due to a combination of both physical and psychological factors. Not getting enough sleep wreaks havoc with several key hormones involved in appetite and metabolism. It increases […]

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Drew Baye instructing a client performing crunches

Effective Communication In Exercise Instruction

Even if you are  knowledgeable about a subject, teaching it to others is impossible if you are unable to effectively communicate what you know. As you are aware if you are a professional personal trainer or have trained inexperienced friends or relatives, sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. Teaching is largely a […]

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metronome app and stopwatch

Q&A: Should I Use A Different Repetition Cadence For Different Exercises?

Question: Since the range of motion varies between exercises should I use a different rep cadence for exercises with different ranges of motion to maintain a consistent rep speed? Answer: While the same repetition cadence results in a different average speed for exercises with different ranges of motion this does not negatively affect either effectiveness or […]

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Casey Viator training during the Colorado Experiment

Q&A: Should Free Weights Be Used To Train Stabilizer Muscles?

Question: Should free weights should be used instead of machines for the purpose of training the stabilizer muscles? Answer: While some muscles’ primary function is stabilization while standing and moving, “stabilizer” refers to a role a muscle can play, and not a type of muscle, and is relative to the exercise. During most exercises many […]

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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Thoughts On Free Weight And Machine Plate Weights

Traditionally, plates for adjustable barbells and dumbbells and machine weight stacks have been produced in weights that are of multiples of five. The most common weights for barbell plates are five, ten, twenty five, and forty five and the most common weights for plates on machine weight stacks are ten, fifteen, and twenty. While this […]

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Drew Baye instructing bodyweight high intensity training on the UXS

What Bodyweight Training Can Teach You About Training With Weights

The goal of an exercise is not to lift and lower a weight, but to use the weight to impose a demand on the targeted muscles to stimulate improvements in strength, size, and other general factors of functional ability, while minimizing the risk of injury. To do this well requires positioning yourself and moving in […]

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RenEx compound row machine

Machine Training Myths

Contrary to the advice of many well-meaning but ignorant trainers and “experts” out there, machine exercises can be used to build muscular strength and size, strength gained from machine exercises will transfer to other activities, and machines will not injure you or harm your joints when used properly. If someone believes otherwise, they do not […]

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Casey Viator Training For The 1971 AAU Mr. America

In June of 1971 Donald Duke visited Arthur Jones in Deland and had the opportunity to watch Casey Viator go through a workout at the Nautilus quonset hut at Deland High School. He took several photos during that visit, which he recently scanned and gave me permission to share here. Based on the dates on […]

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Suspension Trainer Timed Static Contraction Row

DIY Suspension Trainer

If you work out at home or outdoors or travel frequently I recommend making yourself a suspension trainer; a pair of handles or loops on ropes or webbing which can be used to perform a variety of bodyweight exercises like chin ups, rows, and inverted curls when there are no bars or suitable handholds to […]

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Arthur Jones training during the Colorado Experiment

The Colorado Experiment

The following are Arthur Jones’ and Dr. Elliot Plese’s accounts of The Colorado Experiment from chapters 15 through 18 of Nautilus Training Principles 1-3 Chapter 15: The Colorado Experiment Part 1…Purpose of the Experiment by Arthur Jones In the previous chapter, I mentioned the circumstances that first led me to suspect that too much exercise might […]

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