What exercise is about

Getting The Most Out Of Every Rep

When you’re performing an exercise don’t worry about the rep you just did, don’t worry about the rep you’re doing, and don’t worry if you’ll be able to do another. Your goal isn’t to do reps, your goal is to use the resistance to efficiently load the muscles you’re targeting with the exercise. Performing some number […]

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Build Muscle, Lose Fat

How Fast Can You Lose Fat?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain A trainer once told me about a woman who asked her to help her lose thirty pounds in less than one month for a wedding she was standing up in. When asked the woman said she knew about the wedding for several months, and then had a fit when the trainer explained to her […]

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March HIT Video Seminar: Optimizing Exercise Rep Range, Volume, And Frequency

The March 2016 video seminar will be held Saturday the 26th at 12:00 pm EST and the topic will be evaluating workout progress and response to exercise and determining optimal repetition ranges, workout volume, and workout frequency. The seminar will include forty-five to sixty minutes of discussion followed by thirty to forty-five minutes of questions and […]

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Drew Baye

Monthly High Intensity Training Video Seminars

Starting this month I will be hosting monthly high intensity training video seminars via Skype for a limited number of participants. These will be on the last Saturday of every month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST. In these video seminars I will teach and answer your questions about more advanced high intensity training principles, concepts, and techniques […]

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Mike Mentzer performing preacher curls

Training To Failure Versus Training To Fail

Some critics of high intensity training like to make the claim that “training to failure is training to fail.” However, if you consider the real objective of exercise and what it means to train to momentary muscular failure (MMF) it becomes obvious the truth is the exact opposite; training to failure is really training to succeed. Your […]

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High Intensity Training and Fat Loss

Video: High Intensity Training And Fat Loss

In this week’s videos I explain the proper role of exercise in a fat loss program and why high intensity strength training is superior to “cardio” for improving body composition.     For more on high intensity training and fat loss read Getting Ripped.

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Drew Baye instructs a client on the Nautilus Nitro leg extension

Q&A: My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Gain More Muscle

Question: My girlfriend started training a few months back and now wants to change gears and not gain any more muscle but retain muscle mass. What is the right approach? Is not progressing on her lifts anymore going to do the trick? Answer: While very few men don’t want to gain more muscle (if a man says they don’t […]

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Drew Baye keynote presentation at the 2011 Indy HIT Seminar

Pre-Order Elements of Form Get Exclusive Access to Drew Baye’s 2011 HIT Seminar Keynote Presentation

Although I’ve been steadily chipping away at it I’m still not done with my guide to proper high intensity exercise technique, Elements of Form. So, every time I have to push it back again I add another bonus to those who have pre-ordered to increase the value of an already invaluable book for high intensity training practitioners. […]

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Drew Baye explains training to momentary muscular failure

Video: Training To Momentary Muscular Failure

In this week’s videos I explain what momentary muscular failure is and why it is important for getting maximum results from your workouts in part one, and answer your questions on training to momentary muscular failure in part two.    

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Good Versus Bad Exercises

Video: Good Versus Bad Exercises

In the first of a new high intensity training video series on my YouTube channel I explain what makes an exercise good or bad, why some good exercises are often wrongly considered bad, and how some bad exercises can be altered to make them good.

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