Elements of Form Update

MONDAY, MARCH 5 UPDATE A quick update on the book and answers to some of the questions I’ve been receiving about the book: Update: Some sections are being expanded as well to better address questions I have been receiving about rest pause, negative only, drop sets, forced reps, etc. I am also addressing concerns some […]

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Response to Questions About Mechanical Work and Repetition Speed

I received several e-mails with questions about and requests to repost the following response I wrote to a question in the comments on My Philosophy of Exercise.  If you find anything I write on this web site helpful I encourage you to share it and appreciate you doing so, but please link back to the original, […]

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My Philosophy of Exercise

Maintaining your health and achieving and maintaining a high level of functional ability should be among your highest priorities. You only live once, and both how long you live and your enjoyment of it are directly affected by your health, your physical capabilities and your appearance. Proper exercise is a requirement for living the longest, […]

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Eat Better, Exercise Harder

Contrary to the typical advice of well-meaning but misinformed trainers and health organizations, the key to fat loss is  not to simply “eat less, move more”, but to eat better, and exercise harder. The idea one should eat less and move more to lose fat is based on a few assumptions: that fat gain and […]

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The Renaissance of Exercise

A few months ago while editing Elements of Form I started investigating language and consciousness and other aspects of psychology in an effort to better explain the details of exercise performance, along with important concepts like the real versus the assumed objective and the appropriate mindset for true, high intensity effort. I decided to completely […]

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Site Update

I apologize for the lack of updates and for not being able to answer all e-mail quickly, but all other projects are on hold while EoF is finalized. Yes, it is way behind. I’d rather be late than not be happy with it, and I’m picky. If you want to get the absolute most out […]

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Designing the UXS

Update: The UXS has been completely redesigned and a new model with better ergonomics, additional handles for more exercises, and other improvements will be available in January 2013. When performed correctly, chin ups and parallel bar dips are two of the best exercises for increasing the strength and size of the major muscles of the upper […]

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Everything is Changing

Thanks to all of you who have been reading my articles on the web for the past 15 years, from the first AOL site, to Cyberpump, to baye.com for all the feedback and for helping spread the word about proper exercise. You rock, and I’m proud of every one of you who has taken the […]

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Pull ups to momentary muscular failure on the ultimate bodyweight station

Evidence-Based Resistance Training Recommendations: Part 2

The recent review by James Fisher, James Steele, Stewart Bruce-Low and Dave Smith should be on the “must read” list for everyone with an interest in exercise. In fact, you should download and read it before you read the rest of this post which is the second of several commentaries I will be writing on their review. […]

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Emma and Luke wearing the women's and kid's huaraches from InvisibleShoe.com

Going Barefoot, Almost

I’ve always preferred being barefoot. Having relatively wide feet I could never find shoes that fit comfortably, and the ability to wear sandals, thongs and other less restrictive footwear year round is one of the things I like most about living in Florida. While more comfortable and less restrictive these aren’t quite the same as […]

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