Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle

Doug McGuff, MD recently posted an article on on the effects of resistance training on aging, calling attention to a study published in PLoS ONE showing a reversal of aging in over 500 genes. (Melov S, Tarnopolsky MA, Beckman K, Felkey K, Hubbard A (2007) Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle. PLoS […]

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Ripped Abs

Contrary to the idiotic recommendations of most current ab training books, courses and group class instructors, it is neither necessary nor beneficial to perform dozens of high rep sets of a wide variety of abdominal exercises. You also don’t need different exercises for your lower and upper abs, and you don’t need stability balls, special […]

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Effect of Hand and Shoulder Position On Elbow Flexor Involvement During Curling and Pulling Exercises

This morning during a phone conversation with Greg Anderson the subject of the previous post on the effect of hand position on triceps involvement came up.. Greg mentioned, and I agree, hand position makes little difference to arm flexor involvement during curling and pulling movements as well. Articles on arm training in bodybuilding magazines and […]

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Q&A: Neck and Head Pain During Barbell Squats

Question: The previous workout when performing squats I was close to failure when I started to get a intense pain in my neck and the back of my head ( I had this again last night during squats). My training partner believes my head and neck position is too far back causing me to tense my […]

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Effect of Hand Position on Tricep Involvement During Extension and Pressing Exercises

I recently read an article on a bodybuilding web site about arm training that recommended performing various tricep exercises using both underhand and overhand grips. While different hand positions will have an effect on the involvement of the muscles in the forearms due to differences in the demand on grip and wrist stabilization, they have […]

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DIY Parallettes

Parallettes are a gymnastics training tool which can be used to simulate some movements performed on parallel bars as well as a variety of bodyweight exercises such as L and V sits, planches and a variety of push ups and pressing movements. While various models are available commercially, they can be easily built for much […]

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Physique Versus Function – A False Dichotomy

Bodybuilding and training for performance need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, a training program and diet geared towards performance – specifically building as much strength as possible throughout the entire body while maintaining a low body fat percentage – will result in a physique that is both highly capable and impressive. A major reason […]

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Fat Loss Myths Part 2: Cardio Is Necessary For Fat Loss

Myth: It is necessary to perform cardio on a regular basis to lose fat. Truth: Cardio is not necessary for fat loss, and contributes relatively little to a fat loss program compared to high intensity strength training. To lose fat it is necessary to create a calorie deficit – you must consume fewer calories than […]

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High Intensity Strength Training: More Aerobic Than “Aerobics”

The following article is published here with the permission of the author, Greg Anderson, owner of Seattle’s home for high intensity training, Ideal Exercise. The most common question asked by our new personal training clients at Ideal Exercise is: “Where are the treadmills and stationary bicycles?”. Most have never heard that great benefits to the […]

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Fat Loss Myths Part 1: Overweight People Have Slow Metabolism

Myth: People who are overweight have slower metabolic rates. Truth: With rare exceptions, people who are overweight have metabolic rates similar to or higher than lean people. Studies comparing the resting energy expenditure of overweight people and lean people show little difference in basal metabolic rates. The ones that do show a difference show overweight […]

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