Ivanko Super Gripper calculator app

Review: Ivanko Super Gripper Calculator App for iOS

The Ivanko Super Gripper has been my favorite gripper for a long time. Its extension springs can be adjusted to provide fifty five levels of resistance, from an easy forty five all the way up to an impressive three hundred and forty five pounds. The grip is comfortable, and it feels like the extension springs provide more consistent resistance over the full range of motion than torsion spring grippers, which are usually much easier to start than finish closing. The long handle makes it easier to perform forced reps with the assistance of your other hand.

The only complaint I have about the Ivanko Super Gripper is there is no indication on the gripper itself of the resistance the extension springs provide in different configurations, so it is necessary to refer to a chart every time you need to change the resistance to figure it out. I designed a reference chart for this using data from the Ivanko web site, which I kept on my iPhone and iPad for reference, but I wanted something that was even quicker and easier to use, so I asked Bear Cahill of Brainwash Inc. to convert the chart into an iOS app and couldn’t be happier with what he came up with.

Ivanko Super Gripper calculator app

It’s a pretty simple app, so there isn’t much to say about it, but everything there is to say about it is good. The calculator allows you to quickly and easily determine the spring configuration required for each level of resistance, and also contains a chart showing the spring configurations that approximate the resistance of every Captains of Crush gripper. It is much easier to read on the iPhone than the PDF chart and if you have an Ivanko Super Gripper and an iPhone or iPad I highly recommend getting this app.

To get the app in the iTunes store click here

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