New Comment And Contact Policies

I enjoy writing and talking about exercise. If I didn’t, I would have quit long ago and would be doing something else. However, this is not just a hobby or recreation for me, it’s what I do for a living. After spending most of the past two decades training people I have decided to focus more on writing and consulting, and to be successful doing so I have to be mindful about how I use my time.

In making this transition one of the most important things for me to do is improve my time management so I can write more efficiently and be more productive. Since I have been writing about exercise on the internet I estimate have spent thousands of hours answering tens of thousands of questions by email, on forums, in social media. In addition to cutting into the time I am able to spend writing articles and books and producing videos and doing the related research, reading, and planning it cuts into time I could be devoting to family and other personal projects. Because of this I have decided to make the following changes to my comment and contact policies.


I considered disabling comments, but have kept them because I enjoy reading and answering the intelligent and thoughtful comments and questions many of you post which stimulate informative and valuable discussion and often provide interesting material for follow up posts. I appreciate and really look forward to these kinds of responses when I post new articles.

Comments or questions which are off-topic or clearly answered in the article or in previous comments will be deleted without a response. The comments section is not for asking me general or unrelated questions about exercise or nutrition. If you are unable to find the answer to your question in any of the articles on this site I am available for phone and video consultations or personal training if you are in the Orlando area.


I will answer reasonable questions and requests for information about the services and products I provide (personal training, phone and video consultations, speaking and workshops, books, exercise equipment, etc.). For example, if you have purchased a book and have a question about something in it.

If you want me to help you with your training program or diet or design one for you I am available for phone and video consultations or personal training if you are in the Orlando area.

I will not answer questions about exercise or nutrition if you are not a current phone or personal training client.

If you have questions about exercise equipment or setting up a gym or training studio I am available for phone and video consultations.

I do not sell advertising on this web site, and I do not accept unsolicited guest posts or random requests for link exchanges.

Thank You

Thanks to all of you who appreciate and understand the value of the information and advice I provide, and I look forward to these changes helping me to bring you more and better content in the years to come.

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