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Mike Mentzer backstage at the 1980 Mr. Olympia competition

Q&A: Is Intensity Or Volume More Important?

Question: I’ve received similar questions from several readers recently about the relative importance of different training factors for stimulating increases in muscular strength and size. Will increasing intensity or volume produce better results? What matters more, reps and sets or time under load? Does it matter how I distribute the volume of work? Answer: While many of these factors […]

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High Intensity Training Venn Diagram: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Safety

Q&A: Exercise Volume And Metabolic Versus Mechanical Work

Question: A reader asked for my opinion on an article in which the author claims, “…multiple sets are a must if you want to maximize your muscular potential.” I’ve written about this before, but since this is a subject a lot of people are still obviously confused about I’m going to break it down here and explain […]

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Losing Stubborn Fat

Q&A: Losing Stubborn Fat, Spot Reduction, And The Swimming Pool Analogy

Question: I’ve been following your HIT workout program and lost a lot of fat on my arms, shoulders, and legs but I still have some fat to lose on my abdomen and lower back. Should I add more abdominal exercises? Should I start doing high intensity interval training on my off days to burn more fat? Are […]

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Strength training didn't reduce Jean Claude Van Damme's flexibility

Q&A: High Intensity Training For Martial Artists

Question: I get a lot of questions about high intensity training from martial artists, but the things they ask most often are; How can I do both high intensity training and study martial arts without overtraining? What exercises should I do to improve my ability to strike, kick, throw, etc.? Do I need to lift weights explosively to […]

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Mike Mentzer

Q&A: Should I Squat And Deadlift In The Same Workout?

Question: Should I do both squats and deadlifts in the same workout, or should I alternate between them? Answer: Whether you should perform both squats and deadlifts in the same workout depends on how intensely you are doing them, how many other exercises you are performing, and how much volume you can effectively recover from. After performing […]

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One-legged dumbbell heel raises on the UXS bodyweight multi-exercise station

Q&A: Correcting Bilateral Strength Imbalances

Question: You’ve written a lot about intensity, advanced HIT techniques, training programs etc. but, correct me if I’m wrong, you haven’t written about muscular imbalances? I mean a situation, for example, where left hand is stronger than right hand. Sometime ago I thought that my other hand was stronger than the other, but there was no […]

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Drew Baye instructing bodyweight high intensity training on the UXS

Q&A: 3×3 Workouts Versus Single Set High Intensity Training Workouts

Question: I am confused about 3×3 workouts compared to single set high intensity strength training workouts. First, is one meant to go to failure on each set of the 3×3? Second, if a person can do multiple sets during 3×3 then why is it not recommended during strength training? I know a single set to momentary muscular […]

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Project Kratos Program Handbook: Bodyweight High Intensity Training

Q&A: Breaking Plateaus On The Project: Kratos Bodyweight Program

Question: Hi Drew, I am really enjoying my Project Kratos workouts. They are ass-kickers. I am about two months in after ~five years of BBS-style 2:00 TUL training, and have to say I look a lot less forward to these than even my MedX-powered sessions of the past. That’s rad. I have a question about progression — […]

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Kettlebell swing

Q&A: Combining Kettlebells With High Intensity Training?

Question:  I’ve read Project Kratos and it’s well written with photo, progression, workout, etc., everything I need  but I have a question: I want to work on my power and speed with kettlebells. How can I do the two together, kettlebells and high intensity training? Answer: The stronger you are the more force your muscles can produce the faster […]

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Chin-ups and dips on the UXS bodyweight multi-exercise station

Q&A: Working Up To Unassisted Pull-ups and Dips

Question: I can do a lot of bench dips, but I can’t do one on the parallel bars. I would also like to be able to do pull-ups, but can barely do one. I work out at home and do not have a pulldown or dip machine or an assisted pull-up and dip machine, just […]

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