Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner – Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior recently recorded a round table on high intensity training with Ryan Hall, Skyler Tanner, and me which they released in two parts. In part one we discuss Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones’ contributions to the field of exercise, determining optimal workout frequency, promoting general health, and how much of what we “geek out on” […]

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David Baye Interviews Dorian Yates

David Baye interviews six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates for Muscular Development Magazine

My youngest brother David just interviewed six-time Mr. Olympia and high intensity training advocate Dorian Yates at the 2015 FIBO Power Expo in Cologne, Germany for Muscular Development Magazine. Dorian talks about his training philosophy for contest preparation, differences between bodybuilders in the 90’s and today, and the problem with bodybuilders on social media. While […]

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Conditioning Research Interviews Drew Baye

Click here to read the original interview on ConditioningResearch.com Chris Highcock: Normally in these interviews I start off by asking a little about your background: how you got into training and how you developed your particular approach. In your case though your website explains your career in detail and clearly addresses how you have formed your philosophy […]

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Interview with Fred Fornicola, co-author of Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness

Fred Fornicola, B.A., is the President and exclusive personal trainer of Premiere Personal Fitness in Asbury Park, New Jersey. In addition, he serves as a fitness equipment consultant for schools and corporations for Fitness Lifestyles, Inc. as well as the fitness professional who oversees Newberry Fitness (also of Asbury Park). Fred has been involved in […]

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