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Losing Stubborn Fat

Q&A: Losing Stubborn Fat, Spot Reduction, And The Swimming Pool Analogy

Question: I’ve been following your HIT workout program and lost a lot of fat on my arms, shoulders, and legs but I still have some fat to lose on my abdomen and lower back. Should I add more abdominal exercises? Should I start doing high intensity interval training on my off days to burn more fat? Are […]

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Drew Baye - ripped legs

Thoughts On Fat Loss Program Compliance And Motivation

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn “…when it comes to getting ripped, the solution is quite simple…but the application is hard as hell.” – Doug McGuff, MD I know exactly what it takes to get someone’s body fat down to the low single digits, while maintaining or even gaining lean […]

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Mike Mentzer posing on the beach

Q&A: Should I Focus On Fat Loss Or Muscle Gain First?

Question: I want to be leaner but I also want to gain more muscle mass. Is it possible to do both at the same time? If not, which one should I focus on first? Answer: Gaining muscle while losing fat is not impossible but it is extremely difficult for genetically-average drug-free trainees because when you […]

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Lions sleeping - photograph by Michael Krom

Q&A: Sleep Deprivation and Fat Loss

Question: Is lack of sleep making it hard for me to lose fat? Answer: Consistent sleep deprivation is strongly correlated with weight gain and risk of obesity, probably due to a combination of both physical and psychological factors. Not getting enough sleep wreaks havoc with several key hormones involved in appetite and metabolism. It increases […]

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Chrissy lost 128 pounds of fat in 14 months with high intensity training

Q&A: How Many Calories Does a Pound of Muscle Burn?

Question: How many calories does a pound of muscle burn? I keep reading in HIT books that it burns 50-100 calories a day, but then I read stuff like this: “In reality, one pound of muscle burns about seven to 15 calories a day, not 50, explains Dymphna Gallagher, the director of the body composition […]

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American College of Sports Medicine Responds to Time Magazine article

My friend Anthony Semone informed me the ACSM have posted a press release titled “Experts Debunk Myth About Exercise, Weight Loss” in response to the Time Magazine article covered in my previous post. The following is the full text of their press release (inset) along with my comments: EXPERTS DEBUNK MYTH ABOUT EXERCISE, WEIGHT LOSS […]

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Fat Loss Myths Part 2: Cardio Is Necessary For Fat Loss

Myth: It is necessary to perform cardio on a regular basis to lose fat. Truth: Cardio is not necessary for fat loss, and contributes relatively little to a fat loss program compared to high intensity strength training. To lose fat it is necessary to create a calorie deficit – you must consume fewer calories than […]

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High Intensity Strength Training: More Aerobic Than “Aerobics”

The following article is published here with the permission of the author, Greg Anderson, owner of Seattle’s home for high intensity training, Ideal Exercise. The most common question asked by our new personal training clients at Ideal Exercise is: “Where are the treadmills and stationary bicycles?”. Most have never heard that great benefits to the […]

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Fat Loss Myths Part 1: Overweight People Have Slow Metabolism

Myth: People who are overweight have slower metabolic rates. Truth: With rare exceptions, people who are overweight have metabolic rates similar to or higher than lean people. Studies comparing the resting energy expenditure of overweight people and lean people show little difference in basal metabolic rates. The ones that do show a difference show overweight […]

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Food Journal

Basic Guidelines for Fat Loss

This is meant as a set of basic guidelines for fat loss, and is nowhere near a complete discussion of the topic. More advanced, detailed guidelines will be posted in future articles as well as an upcoming book. While numerous factors affect fat gain and loss, by far the most important is energy balance – […]

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