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The Mentzer Brothers

Tips For More Time Efficient High Intensity Training Workouts

One of the biggest advantages of high intensity training over other training methods is that it allows you to stimulate improvements in all general, trainable factors of functional activity at once, and provides the same or better results with much less time. If you value your time, if you’d rather spend it with family and friends, […]

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Sifu Floyd Jackson performing a knee crank and "surf board" arm lock on Drew Baye

How To Train Intensely Without Wrecking Yourself In The Process

I’m encouraged by what appears to be an increase in public awareness and media discussion of the high risk of orthopedic injuries and dangerous medical conditions like rhabdomyolysis with popular exercise programs like CrossFit and many so-called “boot camps”, however, it bothers me that ignorant trainers and journalists frequently blame exercise intensity for problems caused by things like poor […]

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Casey Viator assisting Mike Mentzer with forced reps

Thoughts On Compound Versus Simple Exercises

Both compound (multi-joint, linear) and simple (single-joint, rotary) exercises can be used to safely and effectively improve muscular strength and size along with other factors of functional ability, however each has specific advantages and disadvantages which may make one or the other a better option under different circumstances and the best approach for improving your overall muscular strength and […]

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HIT instructor Christian Marchegiani

More On High Intensity Training For Cardiovascular And Metabolic Conditioning

Since posting Dr. James Peterson’s Project Total Conditioning case study I’ve received a lot of e-mails from people with anecdotes about how high intensity strength training improved their cardiovascular and metaboolic conditioning, improving their performance in athletics or work. While the plural of anecdote is not data, these confirm what has already been proven over and […]

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One-legged dumbbell heel raises on the UXS bodyweight multi-exercise station

Q&A: Correcting Bilateral Strength Imbalances

Question: You’ve written a lot about intensity, advanced HIT techniques, training programs etc. but, correct me if I’m wrong, you haven’t written about muscular imbalances? I mean a situation, for example, where left hand is stronger than right hand. Sometime ago I thought that my other hand was stronger than the other, but there was no […]

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Project Total Conditioning

Project Total Conditioning

The following is a case study by Dr. James Peterson, who was the Associate Professor of Physical Education at the United States Military Academy in West Point when Nautilus participated in several studies there known as Project: Total Conditioning. This originally appeared in Athletic Journal Vol. 56 in September of 1975. This should be read by everyone with an […]

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Drew Baye instructing bodyweight high intensity training on the UXS

Q&A: 3×3 Workouts Versus Single Set High Intensity Training Workouts

Question: I am confused about 3×3 workouts compared to single set high intensity strength training workouts. First, is one meant to go to failure on each set of the 3×3? Second, if a person can do multiple sets during 3×3 then why is it not recommended during strength training? I know a single set to momentary muscular […]

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DIY Pike Push-Up Handles

The pike push-up — a push-up performed in the pike position (hips flexed, back and legs straight) — is an easier alternative to handstand and half-handstand push-ups for training the shoulders using only your body weight. However, like handstand and half-handstand push ups, if done from the floor your range of motion is limited and […]

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Project Kratos Program Handbook: Bodyweight High Intensity Training

Q&A: Breaking Plateaus On The Project: Kratos Bodyweight Program

Question: Hi Drew, I am really enjoying my Project Kratos workouts. They are ass-kickers. I am about two months in after ~five years of BBS-style 2:00 TUL training, and have to say I look a lot less forward to these than even my MedX-powered sessions of the past. That’s rad. I have a question about progression — […]

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Lunatic evangelist Pat Robertson performing "strong range" partial reps on the leg press with two thousand pounds

Power Factor Training: Precision or Confusion?

I wrote this article in the early 2000s for an issue of The Exercise Standard at the suggestion of Ken Hutchins, and it used to be available on this site but was left out during a redesign several years ago. Although Power Factor Training came out way back in 1997 and Sisco and his methods currently […]

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