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Hard Work + Consistency + Time = Results

Q&A: Improving Dietary Discipline

Question: Have you ever had clients that wanted to lose fat and benefited from the strength gains and global conditioning of a HIT program, but weren’t disciplined enough to follow a modest caloric deficit and therefore did not reach their aesthetic goals? If so, how did you get them to snap out of it, if at all? The […]

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Build Muscle, Lose Fat

How Fast Can You Lose Fat?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain A trainer once told me about a woman who asked her to help her lose thirty pounds in less than one month for a wedding she was standing up in. When asked the woman said she knew about the wedding for several months, and then had a fit when the trainer explained to her […]

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Sinking Boat Analogy

The Sinking Boat And Leaky Boat Analogies

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly using analogies in learning, thinking, and communicating, and I use them frequently when teaching exercise principles. I’ve written about a few of my favorites here, including the sun tan analogy, the clothing analogy, and the swimming pool analogy. Some of you may also be […]

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Egg coffee

Egg Coffee

I’ve been following Mark Sisson’s writing on nutrition since we spoke at the same convention in Orlando together a few years ago, and enjoy some of the more unconventional recipes he shares from time to time. Recently, someone shared an article he wrote about adding egg yolks to coffee after he heard about Vietnamese egg […]

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Eat Better, Exercise Harder

Contrary to the typical advice of well-meaning but misinformed trainers and health organizations, the key to fat loss is  not to simply “eat less, move more”, but to eat better, and exercise harder. The idea one should eat less and move more to lose fat is based on a few assumptions: that fat gain and […]

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(Photoshopped) cave drawing of a Nautilus cam

Thoughts on the Paleo/Evolutionary Eating and Exercise Trends

Over the past few years the concept of “paleo” or “evolutionary” eating has been gaining popularity. Not surprisingly, various “experts” have popped up with blogs, books and programs based on the concept; some good, some not, some nuts, and many with totally different takes on it. Unfortunately, this has caused confusion for people interested in […]

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Opinions on Nutrition

The following  was written to address the most common questions I receive from readers and personal training and phone clients. Calories versus Macronutrients Whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your current weight and body composition both are important. Calorie intake is important for a change in fat or lean mass, if […]

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Nutritional Supplement Hucksters

I just read the following post in a forum for personal trainers: Five Simple Reasons Why Trainers Should Sell Nutrition And Supplement Products 1. Creating a solution when your clients are not with you as a trainer 2. Everyone can NOT afford Personal Trainers but they all use supplements When you do meetings with individuals […]

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How Many Calories Is Your Time Worth?

Fitness and weight loss “experts” like to recommend finding ways to incorporate more physical activity into daily life, usually exchanging efficiency or convenience for increased physical exertion, based on the mistaken belief that doing so makes a meaningful contribution to health, fitness, or fat loss. They claim these little changes add up to a lot […]

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Bullshit Fat Loss Claims

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a few attempts to comment spam some of the articles on this site with links to a web site claiming you can lose “30 pounds in 30 days without diet or exercise” by taking products they sell. Of course, this is complete and utter bullshit. For […]

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