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David Baye interviews six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates for Muscular Development Magazine

David Baye Interviews Dorian Yates

My youngest brother David just interviewed six-time Mr. Olympia and high intensity training advocate Dorian Yates at the 2015 FIBO Power Expo in Cologne, Germany for Muscular Development Magazine. Dorian talks about his training philosophy for contest preparation, differences between bodybuilders in the 90’s and today, and the problem with bodybuilders on social media. While […]

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Drew Baye - ripped legs

Corporate Warrior Interviews Drew Baye

I recently did a couple interviews with the Corporate Warrior website covering a variety of exercise, diet, and lifestyle related topics. You can listen to and/or read them at the links below: Corporate Warrior Interviews Drew Baye: Part One Corporate Warrior Interviews Drew Baye: Part Two If you have a question about something discussed in the […]

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The 21 Convention 2014 Post-Talk Interview With Drew Baye

The 21 Convention has just posted my interview with Marilee Johnson after my talk at the Tampa convention last year:  

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Doug Holland squatting

High Intensity Training For Powerlifting: An Interview With Doug Holland

Drew: Could you tell the readers about how you came to be involved with both high intensity training and the sport of powerlifting? Doug: Hmmm. Well,basic weight training exercises came first at age ten. My dad showed me the barbell press, the barbell curl, the static chin up, and later when I was strong enough, the dynamic […]

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Drew Baye demonstrating a bodyweight squat

Fred Fornicola Interviews Drew Baye

I was recently interviewed by Fred Fornicola for his new web site, on the topics of bodyweight training, Project: Kratos, and the UXS bodyweight multi-exercise station. Click the link below to read the interview on Fred’s site: Fred Fornicola Interviews Drew Baye If you have any questions about Project: Kratos, the UXS, or bodyweight training […]

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Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty Training

John Little Interviews Drew Baye

The following text is from an interview with John Little from 2006, which originally appeared on John’s Max Contraction web site. It is republished here with John’s permission. It appears exactly as it did on his site except for minor changes to punctuation and the omission of a section promoting the training business I no […]

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Conditioning Research Interviews Drew Baye

Click here to read the original interview on Chris Highcock: Normally in these interviews I start off by asking a little about your background: how you got into training and how you developed your particular approach. In your case though your website explains your career in detail and clearly addresses how you have formed your philosophy […]

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High Intensity Nation Interviews Drew Baye

Check out my interview with Dave Durell at

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Fred's daughter performing dumbbell deadlifts

Interview with Fred Fornicola, co-author of Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness

Fred Fornicola, B.A., is the President and exclusive personal trainer of Premiere Personal Fitness in Asbury Park, New Jersey. In addition, he serves as a fitness equipment consultant for schools and corporations for Fitness Lifestyles, Inc. as well as the fitness professional who oversees Newberry Fitness (also of Asbury Park). Fred has been involved in […]

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Muscular Development May 2001

Drew Baye Interview on SuperSlow in Muscular Development Magazine, May 2001

In May of 2001, Muscular Development magazine ran a feature on SuperSlow® training , in which contributing editor Bob Lefavi, PhD. interviewed Dr. Wayne Westcott, Dr. William Kraemer, Dr. Robert Newton, and myself. The following is the portion of the article with my interview, followed by my current thoughts on the subject. Drew Baye May […]

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