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Timed Static Contraction belt squat

Q&A: Gaining Muscle Mass With Isometrics

Question: Drew, do you think it is possible to gain muscle mass with isometric training only, assuming a time under tension of 60-90 seconds? Answer: Yes, it is possible to increase muscular strength and size with only isometric training if you do it with a a high intensity of effort, and a broad range of times under tension […]

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high load/low reps vs low load/high reps

High Load/Low Reps Versus Low Load/High Reps For Hypertrophy

A new study published in the Journal of Physiology shows that neither load nor brief post-workout increases in anabolic hormones determines muscular strength or size gains as long as exercises are performed to momentary muscular failure. While some individuals may respond a little better to higher reps or higher loads, on average a broad range of reps and […]

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Hard Work + Consistency + Time = Results

Q&A: Improving Dietary Discipline

Question: Have you ever had clients that wanted to lose fat and benefited from the strength gains and global conditioning of a HIT program, but weren’t disciplined enough to follow a modest caloric deficit and therefore did not reach their aesthetic goals? If so, how did you get them to snap out of it, if at all? The […]

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Neuromuscular junctions

Q&A: Is One Set Enough For Maximal Muscle Fiber Recruitment?

Question: I completely agree with the one set to failure protocol, however, something plays on my mind. I’ve always read and been lead to believe that a certain amount of muscle fibres contract maximally to lift a weight – as apposed to fewer muscle fibres all contracting sub maximally. Therefore when I’ve finished my one all out […]

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Project Kratos Phase Three: Bodyweight High Intensity Training Strength, Conditioning, and Physique Program

Project Kratos Phase Three

The release of the bodyweight high intensity training program handbook was the second of three phases of Project Kratos. The first was my own experimentation and refinement. The goal of the second phase was getting feedback and case studies from as many people as possible and further improving the program and how it is taught. Project […]

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Mike Mentzer performing leg extensions

The Best Way To Exercise?

The Job Analogy If two different companies offered you the same job for the same salary but one of them required you to work two to three times as many hours per week under more dangerous conditions, would you consider both job offers equal? Of course not. Nor should you consider two exercise programs equally effective if […]

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High Intensity Training > Sprint Interval Training

Q&A: Combining High Intensity Training and Sprint Interval Training

Question: I am an avid fan of Arthur Jones and have almost all his books, I do train alone and started the big five exercises recently, and I do supplement peak 8 cardio workouts with a bowflex max trainer. The reason I do this is because of something Clarence Bass touched on which I think is true for […]

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What exercise is about

Getting The Most Out Of Every Rep

When you’re performing an exercise don’t worry about the rep you just did, don’t worry about the rep you’re doing, and don’t worry if you’ll be able to do another. Your goal isn’t to do reps, your goal is to use the resistance to efficiently load the muscles you’re targeting with the exercise. Performing some number […]

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Build Muscle, Lose Fat

How Fast Can You Lose Fat?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain A trainer once told me about a woman who asked her to help her lose thirty pounds in less than one month for a wedding she was standing up in. When asked the woman said she knew about the wedding for several months, and then had a fit when the trainer explained to her […]

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Mike Mentzer performing preacher curls

Training To Failure Versus Training To Fail

Some critics of high intensity training like to make the claim that “training to failure is training to fail.” However, if you consider the real objective of exercise and what it means to train to momentary muscular failure (MMF) it becomes obvious the truth is the exact opposite; training to failure is really training to succeed. Your […]

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