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Squat rack rough draft

Drugs, SuperSlow, My New HIT Book, and a New Squat Rack Design

When I sent the e-mail out to subscribers and posted Why I Am No Longer A “Natural” Trainee I did not anticipate the response, which was overwhelming. Although I read every e-mail, I received so many, so quickly I am unable to directly reply to all of them right away. I appreciate all of your support […]

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High Intensity Workouts - Over 100 High Intensity Training Workouts and Guidelines for Performance

The Updated, Expanded High Intensity Workouts

Update, April 9:  Once again, I haven’t stuck to my outline and have continued to expand the book beyond it’s original scope. What started out as an update has turned into a rewrite with a lot of additional discussion, and I have started adding performance guidelines and tips for ever exercise in every workout in […]

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Vee Ferguson performing SuperSlow chin ups

Repetition Speed Recommendations

If your goal is to maximize the potential benefit of an exercise while minimizing the risk of injury, you should move at least slowly enough to be able to do three things: Reverse direction smoothly between the positive (lifting) and negative (lowering) phases of the repetition, without yanking, jerking, or bouncing the weight Maintain correct […]

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Mike Mentzer posing on the beach

Q&A: Should I Focus On Fat Loss Or Muscle Gain First?

Question: I want to be leaner but I also want to gain more muscle mass. Is it possible to do both at the same time? If not, which one should I focus on first? Answer: Gaining muscle while losing fat is not impossible but it is extremely difficult for genetically-average drug-free trainees because when you […]

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Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on stage in 2013 at 57 years old

How To Build A Rockin’ Body

I grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal and am a fan of many of the bands popular during the 80′s, so I’ve been excited about some of my favorites reuniting. I’ve also been disappointed, if not surprised, to see how badly some of them have let themselves go. Many have gotten downright […]

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Kasey performing push-ups on the UXS bodyweight exercise station

Q&A: Bodyweight Training and Intentional Antagonistic Co-Contraction

Question: I am using Project Kratos at the moment and you advise to squeeze your muscles at the fully contracted position on pulling movements and hold at the bottom position on pushing movements as a way of making the exercise harder. Sometimes when I do a wall squat after about ninety seconds my legs will get a […]

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Casey Viator assisting Mike Mentzer with forced reps

Using Forced Reps, Drop Sets, and Rest-Pause

Set-extension techniques like forced reps, drop sets, and rest-pause can be valuable when used correctly, but it is best not to overdo them. Beginners should not be doing these until they have developed relatively good form and advanced trainees should have learned to push them themselves hard enough to only require them occasionally. While intensity – […]

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metronome app and stopwatch

Q&A: Should I Use A Different Repetition Cadence For Different Exercises?

Question: Since the range of motion varies between exercises should I use a different rep cadence for exercises with different ranges of motion to maintain a consistent rep speed? Answer: While the same repetition cadence results in a different average speed for exercises with different ranges of motion this does not negatively affect either effectiveness or […]

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Casey Viator training during the Colorado Experiment

Q&A: Should Free Weights Be Used To Train Stabilizer Muscles?

Question: Should free weights should be used instead of machines for the purpose of training the stabilizer muscles? Answer: While some muscles’ primary function is stabilization while standing and moving, “stabilizer” refers to a role a muscle can play, and not a type of muscle, and is relative to the exercise. During most exercises many […]

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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Thoughts On Free Weight And Machine Plate Weights

Traditionally, plates for adjustable barbells and dumbbells and machine weight stacks have been produced in weights that are of multiples of five. The most common weights for barbell plates are five, ten, twenty five, and forty five and the most common weights for plates on machine weight stacks are ten, fifteen, and twenty. While this […]

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