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High Intensity Training Venn Diagram: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Safety

Q&A: Exercise Volume And Metabolic Versus Mechanical Work

Question: A reader asked for my opinion on an article in which the author claims, “…multiple sets are a must if you want to maximize your muscular potential.” I’ve written about this before, but since this is a subject a lot of people are still obviously confused about I’m going to break it down here and explain […]

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Losing Stubborn Fat

Q&A: Losing Stubborn Fat, Spot Reduction, And The Swimming Pool Analogy

Question: I’ve been following your HIT workout program and lost a lot of fat on my arms, shoulders, and legs but I still have some fat to lose on my abdomen and lower back. Should I add more abdominal exercises? Should I start doing high intensity interval training on my off days to burn more fat? Are […]

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Drew Baye - ripped legs

Corporate Warrior Interviews Drew Baye

I recently did a couple interviews with the Corporate Warrior website covering a variety of exercise, diet, and lifestyle related topics. You can listen to and/or read them at the links below: Corporate Warrior Interviews Drew Baye: Part One Corporate Warrior Interviews Drew Baye: Part Two If you have a question about something discussed in the […]

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The 21 Convention 2014 Post-Talk Interview With Drew Baye

The 21 Convention has just posted my interview with Marilee Johnson after my talk at the Tampa convention last year:  

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Drew Baye - ripped legs

Thoughts On Fat Loss Program Compliance And Motivation

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn “…when it comes to getting ripped, the solution is quite simple…but the application is hard as hell.” – Doug McGuff, MD I know exactly what it takes to get someone’s body fat down to the low single digits, while maintaining or even gaining lean […]

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Ivanko Super Gripper calculator app

Review: Ivanko Super Gripper Calculator App for iOS

The Ivanko Super Gripper has been my favorite gripper for a long time. Its extension springs can be adjusted to provide fifty five levels of resistance, from an easy forty five all the way up to an impressive three hundred and forty five pounds. The grip is comfortable, and it feels like the extension springs provide more […]

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Getting Ripped - A short guide to training and eating to maximize fat loss while maintaining or gaining muscle

Getting Ripped: A Short Guide

From Getting Ripped: A short guide to training and eating to maximize fat loss while maintaining or gaining muscle, “During the spring of 1995 I was working as a personal trainer for Gold’s Gym in Green Bay, WI, (now Titletown Fitness) and was involved in a feud in the editorial section of The Green Bay […]

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Whiteboard displaying bodyweight training program using isochronal progression

Thoughts on Isochronal Progression

Back in January of 2006 I wrote a post on Ellington Darden’s forum about an idea I had for a single progression system I call “isochronal progression”. This is something I have experimented with periodically in the years since, mostly during the development of my bodyweight high intensity training program Project Kratos, and it is covered in the […]

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Strength training didn't reduce Jean Claude Van Damme's flexibility

Q&A: High Intensity Training For Martial Artists

Question: I get a lot of questions about high intensity training from martial artists, but the things they ask most often are; How can I do both high intensity training and study martial arts without overtraining? What exercises should I do to improve my ability to strike, kick, throw, etc.? Do I need to lift weights explosively to […]

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Mike Joplin at 70

You Are Never Too Old For Exercise

I recently received a notification that a reader was unsubscribing from my newsletter, and the reason given was he felt he was “too old” for exercise. This was deeply upsetting, because the consequences of not exercising only get worse with age and I know what kind of difference proper exercise can make in the lives of older […]

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