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Luke Baye doing dumbbell presses at 2 years old.

Teaching Children To Exercise

As parents we are responsible for teaching our children the value of health and fitness and how to achieve and maintain a high level of both throughout their lives. We teach them to eat the appropriate types and amount of food to provide their bodies with the energy and nutrients they need to feel and perform well and […]

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Mike Mentzer pushing Markus Reinhardt to train to momentary muscular failure on the incline press

Poor Form Causes Injuries, Not Training To Failure

Contrary to the claims of a lot of trainers and coaches who really should know better, performing an exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure – the point at which you are unable to continue the exercise with proper form – does not increase your chances of being injured. If you are injured during an exercise it is […]

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Arthur Jones on the Nautilus lateral raise machine

Q&A: How Many Exercises Should I Perform?

Question: Some HIT experts make a training program consisting of twelve exercises and some have only six or three. And some start with nine and after few months ask to reduce it to six.  What is your opinion about this issue? Answer: All of those numbers are right for some people some of the time, but none of […]

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High Intensity Training can help reduce psychological stress and improve your ability to cope with it.

Q&A: Mental Stress and Workout Frequency

Question: Does mental stress affect workout recovery? If so, if reducing stress is not possible should people prone to psychological stress reduce workout frequency? Answer: A high level of mental stress can negatively affect sleep, hormones, and immune function which can hamper recovery from and adaptation to training; however, exercise has been shown to reduce stress and improve people’s ability to cope with it so […]

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Elements of Form by Drew Baye

Elements of Form Pre-Order Update

Update July 15 First off, thanks to everybody who has pre-ordered Elements of Form. It’s been a long project, one I’ve rewritten and completely restarted a few times over, and am glad to be nearing completion of. I am still finishing a few chapters and wrapping up the bonus e-book and have moved the release date to AUGUST […]

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DIY thick bar and Ivanko Super Gripper for training forearm and grip at home

Q&A: What Is Too Little Exercise Volume?

Question: Hey Drew. Thanks for all the blogs and all the replies to comments. Between yourself and Doug McGuff (and a few others) I have amassed an enormous amount of knowledge on resistance training and diet. So many thanks for that. Also can’t wait for your Elements of Form at the end of the month. I have […]

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Being Fat Is A Choice

Being Fat Is A Choice

My brother David was in Orlando this weekend covering the IFBB Europa show so we got together for breakfast this morning and, as usual, the conversation quickly turned to the subjects of bodybuilding, fat loss, and the difficulty of getting personal training clients to follow their diet. I explained how I could usually tell whether a new client […]

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Markus Reinhard's client performing low partial squats

Q&A: Squat Range Of Motion

Question: How important is it to perform squats over the full range of motion? Do I have to squat from “ass-to-grass” to lockout, or will a partial rep be just as effective? I see a lot of people doing half squats in the gym and a few of them have impressive legs. Answer: If your primary goal is to stimulate […]

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Drew Baye performing weighted chin-ups on the UXS

Q&A: How To Bring Up Lagging Exercises?

Question: What should I do if I have stalled on one or two exercises while I continue to make progress on all of the others? I’m working out twice each week alternating between two different workouts with different exercises so each exercise is only performed once a week. Answer: Assuming your form and intensity of effort are […]

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Project Total Conditioning

High Intensity Training Or High Density Training?

High Intensity Training (HIT)  is progressive resistance exercise performed with high level of effort. High Density Training (HDT) is progressive resistance exercise performed with a high work to rest ratio. Although it is possible to perform HIT without performing HDT by allowing a long rest between exercises, most HIT methods are HDT and are performed with little to no rest […]

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