Q&A: Is One Set Enough For Maximal Muscle Fiber Recruitment?

Question: I completely agree with the one set to failure protocol, however, something plays on my mind. I’ve always read and been lead to believe that a certain amount of muscle fibres contract maximally to lift a weight – as apposed to fewer muscle fibres all contracting sub maximally. Therefore when I’ve finished my one all out […]

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Save 25% on the High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

Drew Baye High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

Buy all five of my ebooks on high intensity training together and get twenty five percent off the normal price: Project Kratos Program Handbook: Bodyweight High Intensity Training High Intensity Workouts: 100 High Intensity Training Workouts and Guidelines for Performance High Intensity: The Annotated, Uncensored Post Workout Delirium Induced Ramblings Getting Ripped: A Short Guide to […]

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Q&A: Timed Static Contractions, Static Holds, and Full-Range Strength Gains

Question: Because I often recommend isometric protocols like timed static contractions and static holds as an alternate to dynamic exercise when it is not possible or practical I get a lot of questions about their effectiveness compared to dynamic exercise and whether strength gained from isometrics is specific to the positions trained or transfers to the full range […]

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