Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner – Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior Round Table

Corporate Warrior recently recorded a round table on high intensity training with Ryan Hall, Skyler Tanner, and me which they released in two parts. In part one we discuss Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones’ contributions to the field of exercise, determining optimal workout frequency, promoting general health, and how much of what we “geek out on” […]

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Very Slow Versus Normal Negative-Emphasized Repetitions

Last week I wrote about Ellington Darden’s 30/30/30 negative-emphasized protocol and my initial impressions of it. Since then, I’ve done one other workout using the protocol, which was equally intense, but highlighted some of the problems with both very slow repetitions and starting with the negative on some exercises. Ellington came up with the 30/30/30 […]

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2011 Indy High Intensity Training Seminar

The 2011 Indianapolis High Intensity Training seminar has just been announced! This year’s speakers and topics include: Doug McGuff, MD: Striving for Perfect Form Without Driving Off Clients Ryan Hall: Blinded by Science: Macronutrients, Exercise and Body Composition Mark Sisson: Ideal Eating Strategies Bill DeSimone: Congruent Exercise: Biomechanics for Better Workouts Tony Scelzo: The Evolution of an Entrepreneur: Building a Personal […]

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