Timed Static Contraction Training

Timed Static Contraction Training: A Guide To Minimalist HIT Isometrics by Drew Baye

In Timed Static Contraction Training I teach you how to perform a full-body workout using the safest and most effective isometric high intensity training method and nothing but length of heavy-duty tie-down or towing strap. The guide includes a detailed explanation of the protocol and the set-up and performance of each exercise, along with information on:

  • Overcoming vs Yielding Isometrics
  • TSC vs Traditional Isometrics
  • Disadvantages and Solutions
  • Detailed TSC Performance Guidelines and Safety Considerations
  • Strength Transfer
  • Performing TSC with Machines and  Free Weights
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Flexibility and How to Stretch
  • Reactionary Force and Stabilizer Involvement in TSC
  • Pre-Exhaustion with TSC
  • TSC and Static Hold Hybrids (TSC/H)
  • Isometrics and Explosive Power

e-book: $19.95 (instant download) An email with a download link will automatically be generated and sent to you immediately when you order. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes check your spam folder.


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