The Project Kratos Body Transformation Program

About five years ago I started a project to develop a comprehensive bodyweight high intensity training system as a more effective, more efficient, and safer alternative to the popular but severely flawed mainstream bodyweight programs: Project Kratos.

The first phase was my own experimentation and refinement, which ran parallel to work on designing the UXS and other high-quality tools for bodyweight training.

The second phase was the release of the Project Kratos program handbook to teach the system and get feedback and case studies from as many people as possible for further improvement.

Project Kratos is now in phase three and I am looking for highly motivated and dedicated people to participate in a three-month comprehensive strength, conditioning, and physique transformation program implementing the evolved Kratos protocol. Do not sign up for this program unless you want to make a dramatic change in your body and are willing to do the work required to achieve it.


All Project Kratos participants will receive:

  • Three months of bi-weekly one-on-one phone or Skype consultations providing detailed program instruction
  • Access to exclusive videos demonstrating the proper form and progression for each exercise
  • Constant e-mail support to answer your questions about the program
  • A signed hard copy of the final training manual and access to all supplementary materials and videos
  • Discounts on future videos and seminars related to Project Kratos

Participants will be required to submit before and after photographs and measurements, training and diet logs, and a written summary of their experiences with the program, and the best transformations will be included as case studies in the final training manual. The Project Kratos and Timed Static Contraction ebooks are required for participation and are included in the second menu option if you do not have them already. Participation is limited to the first fifteen people so sign up now to guarantee your spot:

Sign up for Project Kratos Phase Three: $445 / $495 with ebooks

Distance Training Packages

Feedback on Project Kratos:

“Baye applies sane, sensible guidelines and his exercise selections are all good ones.” – Ellington Darden, PhD

“Drew’s latest work, Project: Kratos – named for the Greek god of strength and power – is a bodyweight high intensity training program designed to maximize full-body strength, conditioning, and body composition. With safety, efficiency and little or no equipment as a basis for his book, Drew worked to develop a program that goes beyond the average application most people are accustomed to. Those of you who are familiar with Drew’s writings, videos and other projects know how thorough he is in his research and the manner in which he conveys every nuance. Trust me when I tell you, no stone goes unturned in Kratos and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement.”  – Fred Fornicola

“I have placed a number of guys on the program with some of my own variations. All of my clients have had great success. I’ve had several people relate to me that they can hardly believe how strong they feel and would have never believed such a thing possible without weights.” – Steve Maxwell, black belt senior world and Pan American jiu jitsu champion

“I own pretty much all of the major bodyweight training books that have come out over the last few years such as You Are Your Own Gym, Body by You, Overcoming Gravity, Pushing the Limits, Raising the Bar, Bodyweight Strength Training, and Convict Conditioning. I would say that the Project: Kratos Bodyweight High Intensity Training book is definitely the most well thought out and effective of the bunch and would be my recommendation as the single best bodyweight training book around.”  – Bill Cameron

“This manual is excellent!  I went to Starbucks and read this thing entirely today – well done!”

“I like the content of your book.  Content is arranged very logically and explanations are clear and easy to understand.”

“For those who utilize or are looking to utilize bodyweight workouts… this has to be one of the best ebooks/books I’ve ever come across. No B.S. instruction with obvious skill and knowledge on Drew’s part. Qualities that many health “professionals” truly lack these days. Enough already… just buy it!”

“The results we achieved until now are unbelievable. I lost 20kg of weight and I’m now stronger than ever in my life (and I did intense sport for decades). My wife is now – aged 55 – for the first time in her life able to perform pullups, real pushups and so on. She achieved these results in less than 3 month. After finishing today’s training a few minutes ago, I just want to let you know. The change in nutrition and training according to your program where the most important contributions to our health and strength for decades.” – Kilian & Regina G.

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