Drew Baye High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

Save 25% on the High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

Drew Baye High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

Buy all five of my ebooks on high intensity training together and get twenty five percent off the normal price:

Project Kratos Program Handbook: Bodyweight High Intensity Training

High Intensity Workouts: 100 High Intensity Training Workouts and Guidelines for Performance

High Intensity: The Annotated, Uncensored Post Workout Delirium Induced Ramblings

Getting Ripped: A Short Guide to Training and Eating to Maximize Fat Loss While Gaining or Maintaining Muscle

Timed Static Contraction Training: A Guide to Minimalist High Intensity Isometrics

e-book bundle: $99.95 (instant download)

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Readers comments on Project Kratos: Program Handbook

“I own pretty much all of the major bodyweight training books that have come out over the last few years such as You Are Your Own Gym, Body by You, Overcoming Gravity, Pushing the Limits, Raising the Bar, Bodyweight Strength Training, and Convict Conditioning. I would say that the Project: Kratos Bodyweight High Intensity Training book is definitely the most well thought out and effective of the bunch and would be my recommendation as the single best bodyweight training book around.”

“For those who utilize or are looking to utilize bodyweight workouts… this has to be one of the best ebooks/books I’ve ever come across. No B.S. instruction with obvious skill and knowledge on Drew’s part. Qualities that many health “professionals” truly lack these days. Enough already… just buy it!”

“The results we achieved until now are unbelievable. I lost 20kg of weight and I’m now stronger than ever in my life (and I did intense sport for decades). My wife is now – aged 55 – for the first time in her life able to perform pullups, real pushups and so on. She achieved these results in less than 3 month. After finishing today’s training a few minutes ago, I just want to let you know. The change in nutrition and training according to your program where the most important contributions to our health and strength for decades.”

Readers comments on High Intensity Workouts

“Great book, great workouts! I’m a little hesitant with ebooks, because most of the ones I’ve ordered are a total ripoff (little content, way over-priced). This one is by far the best I’ve seen. These workouts will keep my training fresh for many many months/years. Thanks!”

“Got the e-book and upon first glance Drew, it looks fantastic. I doubt too many people will appreciate what they received. They will only see the routines and hopefully will be thankful and apply them successfully. I see the years of reading and research that had to precede the compilation of those routines and for that I am thankful.”

“I would definitely give “High Intensity Workouts” a thumbs up. Inexperienced lifters will find this book to be an informative roadmap for their training, and experienced lifters can use it as checklist or motivation.”

Readers comments on High Intensity: The Annotated, Uncensored PWDIR

“Great book, Drew! What an awesome mix of insights about, well, pretty much everything relating to health and fitness. It’s also really valuable for the reader to get your current opinions on the articles with the benefit of hindsight. A very impressive compilation of articles; I can’t imagine anyone reading it without receiving something of benefit that they can put to use in their own lives today.”

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