Elements of Form Announcement

After a few days of almost nonstop work the book is almost ready to go. I’m not going to keep people waiting any longer, however. As I continue to re-write  and streamline chapters and edit them into the final book I will be sending episodic digital releases to all who pre-ordered starting tomorrow night WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, and continuing daily until complete, at which point I will re-design the cover (I strongly dislike my original cover illustration) and the print version goes out.

While the final book will be relatively thorough in its treatment of exercise form there will no doubt be questions. Probably a lot of them. To follow up there will be a Q&A book which is one of the bonuses mentioned earlier which all who pre-ordered will receive free.  If you have pre-ordered please feel free to email me at drew@baye.com with any questions you have as you read the book.

Also, reports of typos and grammatical errors are greatly appreciated. No book is completely error free, but I’d like for EoF to be as close as possible before it goes to print.

I have been asked to do several interviews for podcasts and other web sites once the book is out and look forward to sharing those with readers. I will announce them here as they appear elsewhere.

It’s almost 1:00 am here and I have to be up early for personal training appointments but will post more tomorrow.

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