SOTT Radio The Health & Wellness Show Interviews Drew Baye

SOTT Radio Health & Wellness Interviews Drew Baye

I just finished an hour and forty-minute interview on the SOTT Radio Health & Wellness Show. We covered a lot of topics, including:
  • Why proper exercise is a requirement for living the longest, happiest life possible
  • Why you have a responsibility to yourself and others to be as fit as possible
  • What exercise is and what it is not, and why understanding the difference is crucial
  • Why high intensity training is a set of principles and not a specific program
  • Why it is almost always a mistake to copy the programs of elite athletes and bodybuilders
  • Starting points for beginners and how to apply HIT principles when individualizing a program
  • Warming up before and stretching after workouts
  • Repetition cadence/repetition speed
  • Proper mindset during exercise and working through the burn
  • General guidelines for exercise performance
  • Load versus resistance and the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises

Click the link below to listen, and please let me know if you have questions about any of the topics discussed:

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