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Ivanko Super Gripper calculator app

Review: Ivanko Super Gripper Calculator App for iOS

The Ivanko Super Gripper has been my favorite gripper for a long time. Its extension springs can be adjusted to provide fifty five levels of resistance, from an easy forty five all the way up to an impressive three hundred and forty five pounds. The grip is comfortable, and it feels like the extension springs provide more […]

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Lunatic evangelist Pat Robertson performing "strong range" partial reps on the leg press with two thousand pounds

Power Factor Training: Precision or Confusion?

I wrote this article in the early 2000s for an issue of The Exercise Standard at the suggestion of Ken Hutchins, and it used to be available on this site but was left out during a redesign several years ago. Although Power Factor Training came out way back in 1997 and Sisco and his methods currently […]

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Fat Gripz on a D-handle versus a rolling thick bar handle

Fat Gripz Review

Anyone who watches late night television or reads bodybuilding, fitness, or health related magazines knows there is a lot of gimmicky crap out there. A lot of exercise equipment and accessories are worthless either because they are meant to be used in ways that are a waste of time at best and harmful at worst, […]

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Doug McGuff MD speaking at the 2011 Indianapolis High Intensity Training Seminar

2011 Indianapolis High Intensity Training Seminar

Every couple of years Bo Railey, founder of Exercise Inc. in Indianapolis, hosts a seminar on high intensity training. Each of Bo’s seminars has had a great line up of speakers and topics but this years has been one of the best. Unfortunately, one of my favorite speakers from previous HIT seminars, Ryan Hall, was […]

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Body by Science, by Doug McGuff, MD and John Little

Review: Body by Science, by Doug McGuff, MD and John Little

If you buy only one book on exercise this year, I recommend Doug McGuff, MD and John Little’s Body by Science. If you buy only two books, I recommend getting a second copy of it because you’re going to want to share it with friends, and if you’re a trainer you’re going to want to […]

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Luke Baye doing forced reps with 40 lbs on the Ivanko Super Gripper

The Ivanko Super Gripper

Our home gym has a small but respectable collection of grip tools. A few Iron Mind Captains of Crush grippers, an Iron Mind Rolling Thunder revolving deadlift handle, pinch-gripping block and 15″ loading pin, and my favorite, the Ivanko Super Gripper. While all of them have their place, if I could only keep one it […]

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